Yohan Sohn

Meet the Coach

Executive coach Yohan Sohn is an accomplished and vibrant business professional who has earned the deep respect of colleagues across industries. He has a knack for adapting to change and demystifying complex problems. Yohan attributes these competencies to adjusting to early-life changes and cultural differences; he attended six elementary schools – four in Seoul (Korea) and two in New York, USA.

Yohan’s persistence and “never give up” attitude have been recognized and valued by his colleagues and peers alike. He is a great communicator and problem-solver, who resolves conflicts with minimal resistance and as cordially as possible. This results-oriented, strategic “guru” has a proven track record as a “people person,” hard-worker, and creative thinker.

Yohan has all the qualifications you would expect of his professional stature, including a (forthcoming) Master of Arts in executive coaching and consultation from Concordia University Irvine. He also obtained a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University at Buffalo and holds project management professional  certification along with EQ-i 2.0/EQ360.

In addition to his extensive corporate and consulting experience, Yohan has owned two clothing businesses and launched two animation studios. Yohan’s hands-on experience and real-word expertise spans the realms of corporate communication, 2D and 3D animation, pharmaceuticals, wireless technology, visual effects, mind mapping software, and embedded technology.

Currently, Yohan is passionate about personal and executive coaching, helping individuals nourish their needs and grow their characters to achieve their full potential. Yohan’s coaching philosophy is warm and non-judgmental; he is known for fostering the opportunity for personal change, growth, and high performance in the workplace.

Yohan understands what it takes to help executives develop a competitive edge and thrive personally and professionally, using the collective powers of holistic thinking, emotional intelligence, resilience, and integration. A trusting, co-active partnership is Yohan’s secret weapon for coaching success.


Telephone: (949) 627-0785

Email: info@alegrecoaching.com