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We provide corporate consulting, training, and workshops on holistic thinking, emotional intelligence, and visual knowledge-mapping to facilitate productivity.

Working Together


Professional Development & High Performance

Emotional Intelligence

Take charge of your life, circumstances, and connections by boosting your emotional intelligence. Learn how to understand, regulate, and express your emotions in a healthy and effective way to refine your social skills and manage your emotional well-being.


Visual Knowledge Management

Create, manage, and present information in a visual mind-mapping framework to increase synoptic productivity, personal development, and learning. Harness the power of visual thinking and visual knowledge-mapping to analyze concepts, plan, problem-solve, and communicate information in a graphical form.

Project Management

Manage work, priorities, and deadlines through project management principles. Project management isn’t reserved for professionals who have certification. You can learn how to get things done by using visual knowledge management tools on a breadth of projects. 

EVP High Performance Program

“EVP” stands for emotional intelligence, visual knowledge-mapping, and project management.  It combines these functional areas with Alegre Coaching’s expertise and knowledge to achieve higher performance and results in everyday life, work, and school settings. The EVP program is available in two session types (which can be tailored to meet individual and group needs): 1-Day Intensive Boot Camp, or 2-Day Advanced Workshop.

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We offer practical, sustainable, and highly effective solutions and tailored service packages for small, medium, and large sized organizations.  Contact us for more information.